Data recovery in Richmond, VA.

It can’t be stressed enough, backup, Backup, BACKUP! Your entire life – family photos, music, documents, business items, billing information, and more are all on your hard drive. If your drive has failed or you have accidentally deleted important files, there still might be time to get it all back. Aaron’s PC support routinely helps residents of central Virginia recover their lost or deleted data.

  • Do you have critical and important files you need to retrieve?
  • Have you accidentally deleted all of your files?
  • Is your hard drive going bad?
  • Did your files disappear?
  • Did a virus get your files?
Aaron’s PC Support is able to analyze your hard drive and determine if recovery is possible. We are able to work with desktop or laptop hard drives as well as network NAS devices and RAID setups.
If you have accidentally deleted your data or if your drive is failing, it is imperative that you STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER ASAP. We don’t want your data to be overwritten or your drive to fail to a point in which recovery becomes impossible.

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Data Recovery Services

There are many ways to lose data and there is still a good chance of getting it back. However, it is important that you STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER as quickly as possible! The longer you use your computer after data has been deleted or lost, the higher the chances of inadvertently over-writing the data we need to recover.

Due to the nature of data loss and file corruption, not all files may be recoverable. Aaron’s PC Support will utilize every available resource to extract files from your drive.

  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Thousands of data recovery hours logged
  • Dedicated data recovery hardware setup
  • There is no charge if we are unable to recover any data
  • Recover files to a thumb drive or external hard drive
  • Partnered with Gillware Clean-room Data Recovery Services

If your drive has physically failed, not all hope is lost. There are clean-room data recovery operations that can open your drive and read the data with expensive special equipment. Typical costs for this complex operation is anywhere from $400-$3000 depending on the type of failure you have experienced.