Have you seen any of these errors?

  • “Imminent Hard Disk Failure”
  • “Missing Operating System”
  • “No Boot Device Found”
  • “System Disk Error”
  • “SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk”
  • “Disk Read Error”
  • “Boot Disk Error”
  • “Primary Hard Disk Failure”
  • You receive the “Blue Screen of Death”
  • You hear clicking or grinding noises

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Routinely backing up your data is important!

Many times when a computer hard drive fails, it does so without warning.  Traditional mechanical hard drives do have a relatively short lifespan and do not last forever. Laptop computer hard drives are especially vulnerable due to the bumps and shocks that a portable system inherently has. Laptops, notebooks, and netbooks also have less airflow and usually become clogged with dirt and dust. These conditions, bumps and shocks, and high heat are the main killers of hard drives. Viruses and overloaded, fragmented hard drives are also prime candidates for premature disk failure because the drive has to work “hard” all of the time.
Ultimately, how well a computer system is maintained and treated will determine the life of your hard drive. All systems should have a basic monthly maintenance routine by the owner. If you are not maintaining your system periodically then contact Aaron’s PC Support for a push in the right direction…

It is the customer’s responsibility to backup important data! Aaron’s PC Support shall not be held liable for any hardware failures, viruses, and pre-existing problems… these things can happen without warning and only a customer backup can mitigate disaster!

Replacement Service

  • Remove old drive
  • Install new drive
  • Run basic drive tests
  • *Price may vary depending on accessibility