Memory Upgrades

Having enough memory is critical for:

  • Video editing
  • Sound editing and recording
  • Office applications
  • Gaming
  • Java games and applications
  • Photo editing
  • Image creation
  • Multitasking
  • Databases

Adding extra RAM memory to a computer can have a huge positive effect. Memory should not be confused with hard drive storage space. Computer memory is a temporary “working” storage space for the computer to run the operating system, programs, work with documents, etc. RAM memory does not permanently store data.
If your computer has 1 or 2 Gigabytes of RAM or less, then you should consider upgrading and adding some memory to your desktop or laptop computer.


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What is memory for?

Aaron's PC Support, Richmond VA installs Laptop and Desktop memoryWhen your computer runs a program (Windows OS, for example), the data is transferred from the hard drive to memory. Memory is hundreds of times faster than the hard drive. If you fill up your super-fast memory but the computer needs more, it will resort to using the hard drive as a fall-back storage medium. This is called a SWAP file. Just as the name implies, the computer will “swap” information back and forth from the hard drive to the memory chips. THIS IS SLOW! Remember, the hard drive is hundreds of times slower than memory! Swapping to the hard drive can add minutes or hours to a simple operation like opening or closing a program, saving, applying filters, converting video, etc. The ideal situation is to have enough memory to handle the operations you are trying to perform so that your computer does not swap to the hard drive at all, giving you the performance and usability you deserve.

Memory Upgrade Service

Aaron's PC Support installs laptop memory and tests computer memory. Memory upgrades for Richmond VA, Chesterfield VA, Chester VA, Midlothian VA, Central VirginiaLaptops and desktops use different types of memory that are not interchangeable. Also, there are different classes of memory such as SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and ECC (error correcting).
Aaron’s PC Support will be able to determine which memory type and size is correct for your computer system. We stock many different types and speeds of DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 for laptops and desktops, and can order anything you need. Contact us today to find out which memory upgrade is right for you!