Need a tuneup?

  • Is your computer sluggish or slow to respond?
  • Does your computer take a long time to start?
  • Do you have too many programs running at startup?
  • Is your hard drive full or fragmented?
  • Do you have registry errors?
  • Are there error messages that keep popping up?



Ready to get your PC tune-up? Call or Text at 804-307-4465!

We are open Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 11am to 4pm - Please contact us before you arrive!

Save your computer, and save yourself the frustration of a painfully slow system!

Your computer will be put through a set of rigorous tests designed to expose any faults or errors that may be present. Here are some of the operations that will be performed:

  • Full Memory Test
  • Thorough Hard Disk Drive Surface Test
  • CPU stress test, heat monitoring
  • Registry errors – broken entries fixed or removed
  • Hard disk drive defragmentation
  • Hardware driver updates
  • System updates (MS Update), software updates
  • Performance adjustments for system and network
  • Start-up programs trimmed
  • Uninstall old, unused or questionable programs
  • Temporary system and internet files deleted
  • Critical program updates (ex. Java and Adobe)

Computer tune-up and optimization

Just like your vehicle, your laptop or desktop computer requires regular maintenance.

A computer will not run forever without maintenance. Aaron’s PC Support remove unnecessary start-up programs, clean and repair the registry, defragment the hard drive, and apply all the newest Windows updates, patches and hardware drivers to keep you up and running smoothly. We also remove all those nasty tool bars in your web browser!

We fix virus infections in chesterfield Viruses and Malware

It is important to note that many viruses, malware, adware, and spyware can cause these symptoms as well. If Aaron’s PC Support finds any of these rogue programs, the customer will be contacted and urged to have the Complete Virus Removal Service performed.

It is the customer’s responsibility to back up important data! Although the System Tune-Up and Optimization should not have any negative effects, failures do happen! Hardware failures, viruses, and pre-existing problems are not cause to hold Aaron’s PC Support liable for any losses, physical or perceived.