YES, We Fix Desktops!

  • Virus removals, Tuneups and Troubleshooting

  • Hardware troubleshooting and repair

  • Software installations

  • Repair desktop errors and problems

Aaron’s PC Support offers a variety of services for desktops, All-in-one desktops and slimline desktops. No problem is too difficult to solve for Aaron’s PC Support! From replacing a bad hard drive to upgrading your memory or motherboard, to making Dominion Virginia Power insurance claims… Aaron’s PC Support has you covered. Let us get your desktop computer on the right track.


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Most Common Desktop Services

Power Supplies

  • Installation cost
  • Parts in stock
  • All Models/Makes
  • Premium brands
  • Expert installation/testing

Hard Drives

  • Installation cost
  • Many drives in stock!
  • All models/makes
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Expert installation/testing

Internal Cleaning

  • Full internal cleaning
  • New thermal compound
  • All models/makes
  • Cooler operation
  • Fix shutdown problems

OS Installation

  • Install all drivers
  • Fully Update
  • Install Antivirus


  • Replacement Service
  • Contact for part quote
  • All models/makes
  • 7-30 day warranty
  • Expert installation/testing
*Price for most desktops. All-In-One or Slimline desktops may differ in service and/or parts pricing. Pricing subject to change. **Warranty covers defective parts and craftsmanship. Does not cover abuse or mishandling.

More Desktop Services

Aaron’s PC Support can install, prepare, and update your new Windows or Linux installation!

  • Has your current Windows installation failed?
  • Has a virus destroyed your system beyond repair?
  • Do you need to start over fresh?
  • Do you have a new or used blank hard drive?
  • Are you upgrading to Windows 8?
Aaron’s PC Support installs all flavors of Microsoft Windows including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux.


Migrate your important data*

Aaron’s PC Support can transfer your important documents, pictures, music and videos to your new installation.
*Some data such as programs and an individuals settings cannot be saved, but must installed again. If working with a failed installation or a faulty hard drive data may be corrupted. Recovering corrupted data will incur our data recovery fees.

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Get Aaron’s total virus removal package with full system repair, tuneup & Optimization!

Everyone should request this service! Similar to the Complete Virus Removal, the Virus Removal & Tuneup also includes the Full Tune-Up!
Error messages, missing files, and boot problems will be repaired. The Virus Removal & Tuneup package is a complete system repair that will have your system up and running better that it ever was before. Save money on combined services!

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  • Has your current Hard Drive failed?
  • Want to upgrade to a larger hard drive for more storage space?
  • Want blazing fast speed by installing a SSD (solid state drive)?

No problem! Aaron’s PC Support offers hard drive replacement options to fit your needs.

The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is responsible for storing all of your valuable information. Your programs, pictures, music, and documents are all saved to the hard drive. Unfortunately, standard hard drives are delicate mechanical devices that have a relatively short mean-time between failures. Laptop hard drives are especially vulnerable due to the portable nature of portable computers. One-too-many drops or bangs and your hard drive may become damaged permanently.

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Data Recovery

  • Have you accidentally deleted all of your files?
  • Did your files disappear?
  • Virus got your stuff?
  • Do you have a failing hard drive?

Aaron’s PC Support of Richmond VA can help you get your data back!

  • NO CHARGE if Aaron’s PC Support is unable to recover any data (dead drive)
  • Extensive knowledge and experience dealing with hard drive recovery
  • Gillware clean-room data recovery service affiliate
  • Any amount of data over 8GB (about 2 DVD’s worth) will require that the customer provide or purchase an external drive in order to store the recovered files.
There are many types of ways to lose data, and you may still have a good chance of getting it back. It is important that you STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER as soon as possible; the longer you use your computer after data has been deleted, the higher the chances of inadvertently overwriting what we want to recover.

*Due to the nature of data loss and file corruption, not all files may be recoverable. Aaron’s PC Support will utilize every available resource to extract files from your drive.

Check our Data Recovery Page for more information and pricing!

Data Backup

It is important for you to back up all important files. This is the only true way to make sure your data is available when you need it. Backups need to be performed regularly and stored on a separate storage device such as an external hard drive and optionally on an online backup service.

Aaron’s PC Support can provide a one-time data-backup service and initial setup so that you can put your data worries aside. We offer external backup devices, RAID arrays, network storage solutions, and online backup services to mitigate the chances of loosing your invaluable data. It can cost thousands to send your failed hard drive to a clean-room recovery service. Spend a small amount today and make sure you don’t have to break the bank in the future!

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It is possible to clone your existing hard drive’s entire contents, and place everything onto a new, larger drive. Your OS, programs, settings, and files will be transferred as is to the new drive. Now you can enjoy that extra space!


Imaging a hard drive is the process of creating an image file of your hard drive so that you may restore your computer’s files back to the way they were when the imaging was competed.

The customer must purchase or supply an additional hard drive, internal or external, of equal or greater capacity to store the clone or image.

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With Aaron’s PC Support’s Tune-Up and Optimization you will be able to experience every bit of performance your desktop or laptop computer can deliver!

Is your computer running slowly? Does it take forever for Windows to boot up or programs to load? Does your computer have error messages that pop up? Missing files? Do some programs or features not work at all? Aaron’s PC Support can help! Here’s a list of what is performed to tune up and optimize your system:

  • Errors Diagnosed and Fixed
  • Registry Errors Repaired
  • Install updated Hardware Drivers
  • Install all current Windows Updates
  • Antivirus installed (if needed, wanted)
  • Defragment the Hard Drive
  • BIOS settings checked and optimized for your hardware
  • Remove system and internet temporary files
  • Optimize computer settings for top performance
  • Remove unneeded programs and automatic startup entries
  • External wipedown and cleaning
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Please Note:

Many of these problems are common symptoms of viruses and malware. If your system is found to have viruses, malware, ad-ware, or spyware, you will be contacted before removal begins. Aaron’s PC Support recommends the Virus Removal & Tuneup Package that will fully restore your desktop or laptop computer’s operation.

Did we forget to list your issue?

No worries, we can still help you. We have helped our customers with replacing microchips and capacitors to fixing busted Digital Video Recorders. Break the tip off of a USB thumb drive and need the data? Please, give us a call so we can get your problems resolved quickly. Call or Text 804-307-4465 or use our Email form on the Contact Page.